Mini USB for ipods/ iPhone

The proprietary dock connector on the iPod line is nice for a wide line of accessories, but it forces you to carry a uni-purpose iPod cable. The PocketDock lets you sync and charge with miniUSB, the accepted standard, instead.

SendStation’s PocketDock, available now, is incredibly tiny, having “the same footprint as Apple’s iPod plug,” and features a 3.5mm jack in addition to the miniUSB. The 3.5mm jack lets you bypass the volume board used by the headphone jack, giving you clearer sound quality, just like a dock. It’s pretty simple, and a little expensive at $30, but if you use a ton of miniUSB gadgets, it’ll be worth it. [SendStation]

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Pricing & Availability

The SendStation PocketDock Line Out Mini USB is immediately available from SendStation Systems at and from authorized dealers worldwide. Suggested retail price across Europe is EUR 29.95, respectively USD 29.95 in the US and the rest of the world.


Police Tase Man but he refuses to go down

Police tried to stop this MAN…a working MAN (while taking out the trash at as job) stating he was a robbery suspect. Never mind the fact he had trash in his hands wearing an apron. After multiple shots from a taser (which seems to be the police’s weapons of choice now a days) the gentleMAN refused to get down on the ground. He keep walking away stating he “didn’t do anything”. Asking “for what?”

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Man Hell Naw

For the record…FUCK AFFION CROCKETT & NICK CANON. Now that i have gotten that off my chest. This is some bullshit. FUCK NAS on this one too. You my friend are a buffoon yourself! You did make a song about fried chicken on your last album right? thought so. I dont care if this is suppose to be some social satire/comedy whateva…you failed. Miserably…black face? Watermelon? You think anybody gone watch this and say…OH shit! let me change my lyrics and be more responsible! No, folks will look at this and laugh at “us”. Dont you get it? Obviously not…im so upset i cant even type anymore…its no use even trying to explain…

Update: Man im mad as hell…what made you think this was a good idea? Dont give me that “to start up conversations” bullshit line. “Niggas” been talking about shit for years…SMH