Mikey is an external microphone for the iPhone/iPod with three sensitivity settings that allow you to record everything from lectures to rock concerts.

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Work around for Martial Law?

“Terrorists need no help attacking freedom as long as Massachusetts is in the vaccine game, because this latest form of “gunpoint medicine” destroys freedom for everyday Americans in a way that terrorists could have never hoped to accomplish with all the bombs in the world,” states Michael Adams, Natural New Editor.

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Broadcasting Veteran Pens Open Letter To Radio One Founder

Earlier this month HipHopDX.com interviewed broadcasting industry veteran Paul Porter, discussing the Performance Rights Act, also known as HR 848. Porter has been an outspoken advocate, raising awareness among artists, activists and listeners in an attempt to encourage others to support the bill which would require over-the-air radio broadcasters to pay artists and record companies for their music played on the airwaves.

On the opposing end, Cathy Hughes, founder of broadcasting conglomerate Radio One, has been criticized because of her strong opposition to the bill with claims suggesting that Hughes has “berated members of the Congressional Black Caucus,” to running ads “without even a minute of an honest debate,” according to Porter.

In an attempt to encourage Hughes to change her mind and support HR 848, Porter released an open letter to the media, addressing the RadioOne founder:

An Open Letter to Cathy Hughes
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Samurai Sword???


Baltimore police said a Johns Hopkins University medical student armed with a samurai sword killed an intruder he discovered in his garage early Tuesday. Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said campus police and an off-duty city officer responding to a call for a suspicious person heard screams to call police just before 1:30 a.m. in the 300 block of University Parkway.

The house is home to four undergrads who had already had a Sony PlayStation and two laptops stolen earlier on Monday.

So when one of the students heard noises at about 1am, he went to downstairs to investigate armed with the sword. He saw that the side door to their garage had been pried open, and inside, the suspect lunged at him.

The guy probably didn’t deserve to die, but Police have confirmed he has priors for breaking and entering.

Damn that’s fucked up…But who has a Samurai Sword laying around?