Wait. What?

Umm yeah. Who knew? 😳



Ayo its poison, ecstasy, coke
You say its love, it is poison
Schools where I learned they should be burned, it is poison
Physicians prescripting us medicine which is poison
Doctors injecting our infants with the poison
Religion misoverstood is poison
Radio and TV poison, ➡ white Jesus poison
And any thoughts of taking me down is all poison
Who want beef now, my heat shall anoint them, pow! 🔫


Yeah, but maybe not…

Yeah, somethings look better on paper. This is something that 2 people probably came up with after smoking something…”I’m saying dude, what if we could drive through the bus!”

The idea is that a cyclist can pass through the vehicle without going around the moving vehicle or to pass through the vehicle while it still loading. It sounds good in theory but let’s be real. Someones gonna die. Often. Lol.

NES + Lego = Dopeness

David Sterling, whom i will now refer to as “Lego genius”, has constructed a scale replica of the NES using strictly Legos. This particular dose of nostalgia is two fold for a young man such as myself. I for one loved the NES, and think its one of the greatest gaming systems ever created. And what 80’s baby didn’t thoroughly enjoy Legos? For those who can appreciate…enjoy!

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