Wait. What?

Umm yeah. Who knew? 😳


Easter bunnies…eggs & shit

The Easter bunny has nothing to do with easter. Nothing. I bet people don’t even know where the whole “paint a egg different colors hide it and go find it” came from. Well it’s a pagan ritual. They used to paint women bodies in different colors & they would hide them and then men would findem & fertilize the “egg”. In other words…they was playing “hide & go get it” and yall got kids in church of all places looking for eggs & shit . Oh…and the rabbit is the pagan symbol for fertility with furthers the point that the damn Easter bunny ain’t got shit to do with Easter. Figured I’d get that off my chest.

Drops mic…steps off soap box. (the crowd goes wild)

Yeah, but maybe not…

Yeah, somethings look better on paper. This is something that 2 people probably came up with after smoking something…”I’m saying dude, what if we could drive through the bus!”

The idea is that a cyclist can pass through the vehicle without going around the moving vehicle or to pass through the vehicle while it still loading. It sounds good in theory but let’s be real. Someones gonna die. Often. Lol.